martinMARTIN:: Pictured on upper left:: Our dear friend, Tony Hudson, one of the most talented and celebrated graphic designers / art directors of the Rock N’ Roll album cover era (1960’s thru the 1990’s). Mr. Hudson was responsible for album cover art for Joni Mitchell, Alice Cooper, AC / DC and Neil Young among many others. He worked closely with David Geffen for years on numerous projects. Noteworthy, Tony Hudson is the father of legendary guitarist, Saul Hudson, aka SLASH of the iconic Rock N’ Roll band, GUNS N’ ROSES. SLASH, pictured lower left, was a gifted child artist, who, in conjunction with his father, provided the illustrations for their then Laurel Canyon neighbor, Joni Mitchell, with producing her children’s book. Pictured on the right is Ulla Hudson (Deceased), SLASH’S Mother, who owned a highly regarded clothing boutique next to the world famous music venue, The Troubador. Ulla dressed a whole host of legendary musicians including, but, not limited to Elton John, Mick Jagger and David Bowie. The latter of which she ended up becoming romantically involved with. Ulla, with her two sons, SLASH and ASH, lived together with David Bowie for several years in Ulla’s Laurel Canyon home. So you see, SLASH, had a rather ROCK N’ ROLL upbringing. Graphic Design / Lay-Out by +junYOSHIDA:: Family portrait courtesy of Tony Hudson:: martinMARTIN Website:: martinMARTIN #martinmartin_official #dianemossmartin #slash #fashionphotography #photooftheday #avantgardefashion #antifashion #drapedfashion #darkfashion #black #workinginthreeshadesofblack #transcendinggenderfaahion #adultpunk #punkluxuryfashion #minimalism #beautiful #inspiration #collection #clothes #womenswear #menswear #instafaahion #pfw #parisfashionweek

About martinMARTIN STORE

ericMARTIN and dianeMOSSMARTIN are the designers and founders of martinMARTIN, a avant-garde clothing collection for women and men. martinMARTIN STORE mark(s) the couple(s) first foray into the world of high-end retailing. martinMARTIN makes it's official debut for the month of November 2010.
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