martinMARTIN Philosophy





martinMARTIN is wearable avant-garde clothing, a revolt against glamour in the traditional sense, a redefinition of the word for a generation that does not relate to uptight old-style elegance. The collection is predominantly wovens with stretch accents, a decidedly relaxed approach conveyed through soft fabrications and architecturally inspired shapes. The clothing is quietly stylish. urbane, urban and feminine, a harmony of three different cultures:: American, Japanese and Italian. The collection utilizes the shape and the drape of the Orient, the tailoring techniques of Italy and the causalness of the American lifestyle.

Exploring the Yin and the Yang of where glamour and utilitarianism meet, martinMARTIN examines the relationship between masculine and feminine, off-kilter vs. perfectly balanced and high chic over street themes.

To confront the logic of fashion, by accelerating the change of fashion but not becoming entrenched in a fixed / establishment notion of what fashion is.